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Dyserth - Field Club


Very sadly, The Club is CLOSING - click here for details

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The Dyserth and District Field Club was founded by a group of about forty people, including the then vicar of the village, on March 23rd 1911. The Rev. J Evans Jones then became the first Chairman and Mrs Rowley-Conway of Bodrhyddan was invited to be President.

The Club attracted a wide range of people, including many eminent academics, from a large area of North Wales and also Cheshire and Lancashire. It continued to thrive throughout the two World Wars and membership reached a peak of 412 in 1975. It now has just under 100 members.

In 2006, the Club became a Registered Charity (number 1117013). 

The word 'field' in its name means that the Club goes out and about to explore, investigate and record - mostly in the countryside but sometimes in towns and cities. It is nothing to do with the field sports such as - huntin', shootin' and fishin'!


The original aim of the Field Club was stated to be 'The Study of Natural Science and Archaeology' but records of the activities show that a much wider range of interests was pursued.

By 1997 it was felt that this aim was out of date and so it was changed to:

'To Encourage the Appreciation and Understanding of All Aspects of the Countryside'

This is intended to cover all topics from A to Z - from archaeology to history and through to zoology and everything in between. The word 'countryside' is also taken to include those bits which happen to have been built on, so sometimes includes towns and cities.

To further this aim, the Field Club arranges events most months throughout the year; a walk and an excursion in the summer and walks and lectures in the winter. Events are on Saturdays and are recorded in detail in the annual Proceedings of the Field Club.

Walks are generally arranged to include a visit to some feature such as a hill-fort, a site of former industry, interesting geology, rare wild flowers, the leaders having done a considerable amount of research beforehand. 

Excursions are usually a full day and are also thoroughly researched.  They too are to places not always readily accessible to the general public. 

Lectures cover a wide range of topics and are mostly given by outside speakers. Members can also share their expertise and experiences in this way, during the 'Short Talks by Members' lecture afternoon held every January.  


Membership is open to anyone and becoming a Member of the Dyserth and District Field Club is very simple and confers many benefits including:

Free participation in all the walks

Free attendance at all the winter lectures from October to April, and the AGM Social afternoon in January.

Participation in the summer excursions (April to October) - charge only for travel cost/entry fee if applicable.

Free copies of the Summer and Winter programme booklets

Free copy of the annual Proceedings

Good fellowship with people of similar interests

All this for annual subscription of

£14 - Individual Member
£24 - Joint Members (2 members at the same address)
£2 - Junior Member (under 18)

The Club is run by the President, Officers and Committee all of whom are elected at the Annual General Meeting each January. All Members are encouraged to take a full part in the life of the Club not only by coming to the events but by making suggestions for walks, excursions or lectures and if they wish to lead, or co-lead, an event then full help and guidance will be available.

For further information about all Field Club events please email the General Secretary via lindamwilkinson(at)btinternet.com  or via

For Field Club Constitution click here